Flickr has always been a leader in the way people share and display photos online. 

It has been around since 2004 and offers high quality photo display, with searchable tagging and descriptions, plus a vast range of discussion/photo-sharing groups. Recently it has undergone a radical overhaul which makes it even more attractive as a means for sharing pictures.
It now offers a full terabyte of storage, for free – enough to last a lifetime!
In addition they have changed how the pictures are displayed, making it easier to interact – favourite them or comment on them and in an obvious nod to Facebook, you can now add an attractive cover photo to the top of your profile page.Hungry Cat social Media|Flickr
These changes should secure Flickr’s place as a major player in the sharing of photos and showcasing photography. So what place should Flickr have in your social media strategy?
Well, it’s not a place for selling your wares and Flickr take a dim view of businesses trying to use the site as an on-line catalogue. But it is a place where you can grow brand loyalty. You can show the personalities behind your business, tell the story of how you got where you are, share photos of happy customers or document your participation in community events. You can look at the Flickr guidelines for organisations here.
There are thousands of Flickr groups and you can look for suitable groups for your business to join. Become an active member -commenting on and favouriting photos and when group members reciprocate it will spread awareness of your brand. But if you want people to like and share your material remember to make your photos original and interesting. Giving the photos a Creative Commons licence will allow others to use your photos as long as they attribute you as the author. Don’t forget that your photographs will also be picked up by Google image searches so make sure that suitable keywords are in the description.
With some 87 million users, if you haven’t used Flickr in the past now could be the time to try it out and see what it can do for your business.
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