Social Media is a means by which you can increase your online presence and attract more clients and customers.

Hungry Cat Social Media|Facebook Once it was enough to have your own website; this is no longer the case as potential customers become more sophisticated in their desire to find out information about you. Social media networks allow your business to show your services or products to existing or new clients in a way that is far more versatile than a website. They take time, dedication and effort to manage, but their effect can be very important.

Establishing and maintaining a relationship with existing clients is very important for a business and social media is a perfect way of doing this. You can launch offers or special deals for these valuable clients to guarantee they keep on using your product or service and if clients are happy and satisfied they are more likely to mention this on a social media network. This has the effect of more people knowing about what you have to offer; your clients become part of your sales and marketing strategy as their friends and family become convinced to use your business.

Being part of a social media network also allows you to find out when people are talking about your business. They’re probably doing that whether you’re in one or not; having a presence means you can find out when you are a topic of conversation, and quickly respond or offer solutions.

Those of your friends and followers who are online can be approached with new products or services through your social media presence. In addition you can launch promotions and discounts to your “special” clients or attract new ones.

Promoting your business, products and services is a great use of social media. This can be done not only via promotional messages on the site (written by you, or by social media experts such as ourselves) but you van also make use of the advertising features on sites such as Facebook. Facebook has a relatively straightforward advertisement system, allowing you to place targetted ads in people’s sidebars.Twitter does not offer ads, but you can make use of sponsored tweets as a promotional tool. Google+ is the same – no advertising, but it does allow for sponsored messages.

Social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and Google+ are increasingly becoming an important part of people’s day to day lives and are a primary source of information for many of them. At Hungry Cat we think they are important not just for staying in contact with existing clients, but for attracting new ones as well. here are some marketing reasons you should be doing this:
Staying in touch with current clients
Reaching new clients
Picking up feedback on areas in which your business might improve
Promoting new services or products
FREE publicity and affordable, targetted, advertising
Although engaging in social media for your business may seem easy you need to be careful, since poor use of it or bad management of the tools can have a negative impact on your company’s presence. That is, you need to be involved in social media, for the reasons outlined above, but you need to do it well. Consulting experts in the field for advice and even management can help take the hassle out of social media marketing, saving you time and frustration.